*stares hollowly, fingernails sinking into the desk, blood welling up from the solid oak*



I made a thing! Been working on this forever and I finally settled on a design. Thanks to Brandon for the input as well!

Obviously the watermark is for Tumblr only.

Hope you all like it.

Society6 // Red Bubble


for my art class - the project was to create a poster in the style of the national park ones made by the wpa. i had a lot of fun with this one!! obviously inspired by the Milky Way ones a lot eheh


Listen along: [x]

Been working on this for a while! I’m happy with how it turned out. Sorry if the font isn’t that great, I suck at typography. u_u

Feasting on your soul through adorable flesh

Goodnight, Night Vale; goodnight. (x)


All my interns are dead - [HD] -

A story by Joseph Fink, narrated by Cecil Baldwin, available here.

Chad: went to buy a tennis racket, never seen again
Jerry: corporeally absorbed into Station Management
Leland: vaporized by the shape in Grove Park
Dana: lost in the Dog Park (or possibly murdered by her double)
Richard: became one with the Whispering Forest
Paolo: did not survive the Summer Reading Program
Dylan: trapped in the Subway (probably a cockroach now)
Brad & Stacey: ??? (possibly hooded figures now)


teenage cecil! (it’s transparent :>)

also, his tshirt is the shirt you can buy in the official wtnv store (X)


I said I was gonna try drawing Carlos with Dylan’s hair, and for once I followed through with one of my off-handed promises to myself.