ah yes mandatory orange ponchos

Goodnight Night Vale...Goodnight.


some other night vale things


And some Night Vale fanart. Inspired by a certain well known poster, here’s an election poster for Hiram McDaniels, famous and most beloved mayoral candidate of Night Vale. So go vote for him, and if you havn’t already, go listen to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast.


Episode 30 is an Intern Dana episode! Which makes me all kinds of happy, because Intern Dana is clearly the best Intern and if you disagree, you are wrong. One day, if she ever gets out of the Dog Park, she will be NVCR management, or mayor.

(It’s totally my head canon that she’s Cecil’s favourite too. I mean, they’re Facebook friends and they’re always texting each other, they share a love of cute cat videos and they’re both good at not dying.)

Please please please get out of the Dog Park soon, Dana! ilu. ( ^3^)


what if Cecil had a day off from the radio show and Night Vale had a perfectly “normal” day (like the nobody-dies day in Dead Like Me)

like nothing happened that was horrific or unsettling. 

and Carlos just eyeballs him the whole time like are you having the day off because there’s nothing to report or is there nothing to report because you’re having the day off 

"Old Woman Josie out near the car lot says the angels revealed themselves to her; said they were ten feet tall, radiant, and one of them was black; said they helped her with various household chores. One of them changed a light bulb for her, the porch light."




perfect carlos